Job: Segreteria risorse umane- Punto delega

Segreteria risorse umane- Punto delega


The Abramo Group, established in 1908 in the printing industry, later developing in the logistics industry, has been a leader for over twenty years in the management of contact center outsourcing thanks to the organization, processes and innovative technologies developed on customer needs.
We are a solid and dynamic international company, which, thanks to the enterprising experience of over a century, has established itself as a leading player in the market of business process outsourcing.

We believe that respect for diversity, through competition and integration, represents the essential value for a company’s success.
We operate mainly in the sector of telecommunication, transportation, utilities and e-commerce, providing high quality services to customers in different countries around the world (Italy, Germany, Brazil, Albania) and, from now, even in Slovenia, in the beautiful peninsula of Istria.

Our call center Marina di Izola offers 300 vacancies in different fields, from human resources to operational profiles in the telephone counseling, and contextual opportunities for professional growth.
If you speak Italian well and would like to participate in the building of the new team for the Slovenian site and seize the opportunity for further development within the Abramo Group, please send your CV to or fill in the form below.
We suggest you attach a customized cover letter that tells us something about yourself.
After receiving your application, we will provide you feedback on the time of the interview, which will be preceded by a phone interview by our colleagues of Personnel Selection.

Your area of responsibility

Tutti i candidati devono mostrare di possedere un livello proficient di lingua slovena durante l’iter selettivo