Abramo.Si is the result of 20 years of experience in the customer care services. After the success in Italy, the Abramo Group started an internationalisation process, landing in Albania (2009), Germany (2009), Brazil (2015) and Slovenia (2016). The Abramo’s commercial model always estabilished successful in different countries and for different industry sectors, such as for small or global companies.


Front Office: Customer support, Contact Center, technical and commercial Help Desk, telebooking services.
Back Office: administrative, technical , contractual and commercial inquiries from asynchronous channels or induced by the Front Office.


Customer interaction through social network in a CRM, webchat lead generation, proactive commercial and technical support (engagement), social media analysis, surveys, telemarketing and teleselling, customer fidelization and customer retention, new customs acquirement

Multimarket Capability

We ensure stability in the global market

Broad Language Coverage

to handle 40 million contacts in any location

Segmented Approach

For different clients and customer needs

Digital Customer Care Technologies

From reactive to predictive CC management