The Abramo Group

With over than 100 years successfully history, Abramo Holding S.p.A. refers to the ownership and the direction of all the companies of the group, in which d.o.o. is included.


The company was born in the 1908 as a italian local typography, by passing time it expanded its range firsty to logistics and then to the customer care services, becoming shortly an iternational player among the business process outsorcing services. Today there are 8000 work forces and 15 offices around the world.


Our strenghts are: multimarket capability; broad language coverage; segmented approach; our business intelligence.
We serve industry sectors such as telco and utilities, global player in the e-commerce, in the air transportation and in financial and insurance services.


The services provided by the Abramo Group can be divided into 4 core business:

  • Customer Care Services
  • Marketing Support Solutions
  • Financial Process Optimization
  • Printing & Logistics


The Abramo's "Solution Foundry" developped year after year several softwares to improve the digital technology of the opetative offices, to perfect the relations between the customers and the agents, the service requests, the work force management and the KPI's monitoring. Sometimes also innovating, as happened with the social SRM Digicare.

Come for the job… stay for the challenge!

Abramo.SI is glad to announce the new partnership with Trivago